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If you feel that your living room has lost its appeal and has become dull and outdated, then it is time you should consider redecorating. However, when it comes to restyling your room, it should not cost you a fortune. There are some economical and cost-effective ways to bring life into your current room while remaining within your budget. One of those ways is to get carpet roll end Leeds in a colour that matches with the furniture present in the room.

Carpets can enhance the curb appeal of your room and also add warmth and serenity. Carpeting a living room of any size is a big responsibility and takes time and money. So you need to make sure that you have bought a good quality carpet that lasts you long and you won’t have to replace it soon. Good quality carpet feels great underfoot and looks good for years to come. At C & F Direct, you will find carpets in a variety of materials, styles and colours.

carpet roll end Leeds
carpet roll ends leeds for sale

What is a roll end carpets in Leeds, and why should you buy them?

It is merely a piece of carpet that is leftover from the end of the carpet. They usually come in pre-cut sizes and are offered at a price that is less than their wholesale price. In the end, big saving is passed to the buyer.

The one factor that separates roll ends from the carpet off the roll is that they are already cut into the desired shape to a specific size. So you can order several carpets of similar size for different rooms without worrying about excessive waste. Roll end carpets are an ideal way to redecorate either your room or entire house without exceeding the budget.



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Consider roll ends for your rental property

If you are living in a rental property that is a flat, then it is sensible to have carpet over the hardwood flooring. Some flats have a restriction on the type of floor they can install. However, carpets dampen the significant noises and also keep the space warm and cosy. If its a terraced house it will also benefit from carpets to help reduce the noise.

Carpet roll ends in Leeds are a great way to fully carpet your entire property at a fraction of the cost. You get to save money in the end on these quality carpets. Also, many roll end carpets have anti-staining properties that make them ideal for rental properties.

Get cheap carpet roll ends Leeds from C & F Direct

Roll end carpets never go out of fashion. You can choose the high-quality carpet that has been manufactured recently and is perfect for laying in your home. At C & F Direct you will find a variety of colours to choose so you can update the entire house or do one room at a time.

What’s more? They are also a great way to give your home a luxury feel, without paying too much for it. Without spending much or turning your home into upheaval, you can transform your place outlook.

But, when you are choosing a carpet for your home, you need to pick the right size carpet that will fit perfectly. You can get the assistance of our specialists as well so you get the right size in the end, instead of the wrong one. Nowadays, buying a carpet for your home is easier, especially with the full range of quality carpets available.

Commercial flooring specialists

Moreover, if you are looking for commercial flooring services, then the team of specialists at C & F Direct provide reliable commercial flooring solutions.

Whether you are looking to give your office a modern look or you need to give your shop a clean and bright floor, we can help. Why not give us a call today?

Who do we help?

We offer commercial flooring services to:

  1. Shops
  2. Schools
  3. New builds
  4. Surgeries
  5. Nursing homes
  6. Large commercial buildings and much more

Fitting and measuring

We provide a professional fitting and measuring offerings for flooring. We closely work with our commercial customers to apprehend their floors necessities and provide customised solutions. We also offer carpet roll ends Leeds for sale that can be used in your commercial area. Call us if you require more information.

So in case you are looking to shop for discounted carpet roll ends, you can depend upon us. We provide top-quality carpet roll ends at unbelievable prices.

Use a quality carpet fitter for roll ends

The product will last longer if it is fitted with the assistance of an experienced professional. We offer a competitive, high-quality fitting service for all carpets purchased directly from us. We have the know-how to fit a roll end, as well as give you tips about how to keep your carpet in good condition. To know more about our products and services just get in touch.

Why choose C & F Direct services?
  1. Free car parking
  2. 50% off all roll ends
  3. Open 7 days a week
  4. Free carpet delivery services
  5. Up to 5 years finance is now available
  6. Free fitting and measuring on flooring and carpets

So do not wait and visit us now! Buy your dream carpet at competitive prices and enhance the curb appeal of your room. We assure you will only get quality products from us and nothing less than that. You will get good value when you invest your money in our carpet.