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C & F Direct provides and fits a wide range of vinyl flooring for residential or commercial property owners in Leeds. Whether you need vinyl sheeting to luxury vinyl tiles, visit us as we are one-stop-shop for all of your flooring needs. Our cheap vinyl Leeds will complement the current room decor and colour schemes. Our specialists will deliver the product to your property and then carry out a swift installation service.

At C & F Direct you will find high-quality products, industry experience and specialist fitters. So you are assured of getting professional results that will last you for years to come.


Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in the UK. It is a perfect blend of style, convenience and durability. These type of flooring can transform the living space into a warm, cosy and beautiful one. At C & F Direct, you can find an amazing assortment of LVT flooring, that will suit any decor and personal taste. But if you want more information before you select your favourite design, get in touch and know what we have for you. You will quickly understand why this flooring is perfect for enhancing the appeal and feel of your home.



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What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

When it comes to cheap and good vinyl flooring in Leeds, LVT offer reasonably priced luxury in a complete variety of styles. LVT recreate wooden, ceramic and stone materials while giving a surface that is both scratch resistant and water-proof.

Its long-lasting, hard-wearing traits come from the material’s construction. While each brand follows a slightly distinctive procedure, the primary technique involves the compression of a couple of layers of plastic.

While the PVC vinyl base layer lets in for dimensional stability and flexibility, but a layer of decorative PVC film and a clear vinyl top layer provide the general layout in addition to protective coating against daily wear.

Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms, luxury vinyl tiles have the aesthetic appeal and robustness to make a perfect fit for any room.

Where can you put in a luxury vinyl floor?

Moreover, these luxury vinyl flooring tiles and planks are suitable for regions with high humidity. This means that you may without difficulty remodel the way a bathroom or a kitchen appear, at a more affordable rate compared to different types of flooring. However, remember that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight may harm vinyl surfaces. This consists of conservatories and other indoor/outdoor areas.

Stunning designs to choose from

Elegant designs and wood and stone textures are possibly the primary reason why vinyl flooring has turned out to be so famous. Cheaper, but high-quality, durable and just as stunning, these luxury vinyl floors help property owners to create their ideal décor on a budget.

Designs include vintage-style oak flooring to limestone-effect tiles or contemporary patterns. You may also select an abstract pattern with geometric shapes or a simple colour that matches your furniture. But no matter what type of flooring you need to create a look that you want, you will get at C & F Direct.

Vinyl flooring at a glance

  1. Affordable however quality flooring solution
  2. Stunning designs that include timber and stone effect textures
  3. An extensive range of designs to pick out from, to fit any décor
  4. Products with hard, scratch-resistant surfaces
  5. Excellent sound insulation
  6. Water-proof – ideal for bathroom and kitchen
  7. Easy to maintain and sturdy to a hard-wearing top layer
  8. Easy to clean and to maintain spotless
  9. Softer, warmer and quieter underfoot than solid timber floors or herbal stone tiles
  10. Stain-resistant surfaces for peace of mind
  11. Easy to fit in
  12. Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  13. Appropriate for areas with heavy traffic in commercial houses
  14. Floors for modern houses

Aside from looking beautiful, floors must additionally be as convenient as possible. And you can get it from luxury vinyl flooring. These kinds of floors are designed with a hard wear layer, which makes the surface not only hard-wearing but also easy to clean. Stain and even scratch-resistant, these floors look like new for longer, even if they are installed in a busy residential and commercial property.

Cheap vinyl Leeds are also impressively durable, giving value for money. Many designs are suitable for places with heavy traffic in commercial properties. So you can relax that they will handle just about anything in your property.

They are easy to install, luxury vinyl tiles and planks can remodel a room in no time. These floors are easy to clean and dry, and our specialists can install it. Plus, if one of the tiles can become damaged, it can be replaced individually, so you don’t have to shop for a completely new floor.

So do not wait and get our vinyl flooring in Leeds at the best prices! We guarantee 100% satisfaction.