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C & F Direct offers special and different designs of contemporary beds to cater for all the unique and sensitive taste of our customers. We offer beds in various materials, like laminate to solid beech, solid oak to beds completely upholstered in real premium leather, all available in numerous finishes and sizes.

No matter what your sleeping needs are, whether you need a regular bed or specially designed theme beds for children, or beds for a guestroom, we have solutions to all your needs. Moreover, if you wish to combine style and luxury to quality storage systems, or a minimalist layout, we have it all.

contemporary beds
contemporary beds in UK

A wide choice of designs is available in numerous materials, like shiny chrome, brushed stainless steel, solid beech and solid oak. These materials will perfectly match with the wider variety of headboards, available in wood, glass and real leather. You could also without a doubt mix and match components to create a bespoke look.

Whatever your requirements, C & F Direct will assist you in creating a chic and stylish modern bedroom where you can pick your personal style. In case you are looking for a bespoke contemporary bedroom, we can guide and assist you pick a sleek contemporary bed UK. All beds manufactured at C & F Direct are created without compromise on quality, aesthetics and practicality.



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How to Choose The Right Bed?

We spend half of our life in bed, and there are just a few things in life which might hold more importance than a good night’s sleep. Updating your bedroom’s interior, furniture and ambience will help you get a restful sleep.

Firstly, you need to choose a bed frame that works well for your needs. If you have a smaller room, keep in mind going for a platform bed frame that gives necessary storage underneath or choose a bed with built-in storage to hold contemporary bedding. For spacious rooms, opt for a king size frame that takes centre stage of your room. If you are still a bit uncertain about which bed frame to go for, our specialists can guide you as well.

Once you have got the right frame, then you can buy a supporting mattress to support your bed. Our mattresses come in different sizes and materials to ensure you get the great night time’s sleep.

At C & F Direct, we are a team of skilled and creative people who create bedroom furniture that bring in your room style and taste. For those who are looking to bring elegance in their bedrooms, you can opt for our new range of contemporary wooden beds that add a pinch of luxury in your surroundings and also lend you to experience a feeling of opulence and unparalleled grandeur.

What sets us apart from others?

Our rivals envy us for our multitude of superb and striking pieces of furniture that are designed by our team of trained craftsmen who have a keen eye for detail. We also take pleasure in offering our customers some of the best contemporary beds in the United Kingdom in rich quality fabrics and leather.

Visit our website to get more information about our amazing collection that has attracted thousands of customers and gained referrals as well. Our collections still allure them. You can view the beds currently available in our shop. Also, for those customers who are looking to furnish their bedrooms with stylish bedroom furniture that give comfortable elegance, we make certain that our products give the appeal that you are looking for.

It will not be wrong to say that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom that deliver the comforting rest area necessary every night, but it also allows you to make a statement. Our huge range of beds gives you the opportunity for customisation, allowing you to make your bedroom extraordinary and personal. Whether or not you select hard wearing and elegant leather or stylish material, we have the bed for you.

What do we offer?

1. Large beds

2. Small beds

3. Children’s beds

4. Mattresses

5. Bedroom furniture and much more

We also provide headboards and bed frames for all our customers.

So are you looking for contemporary beds UK? C & F Direct has various options to make certain that you locate beds which are proper for your space. We have all the products that are stylish, modern and contemporary. With the best prices and different alternatives for beds, it is easier to search, and our team is also there to provide you with any guidance you need. So buy one of our beds today and have it delivered to your home.

So do not wait any more, visit our shop in Leeds or call us on the given number and buy your favourite piece of furniture at the best prices!