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In every house, no room is complete without having a perfect sofa that complements the room and also offer its residents unparalleled seating comfort. Our leather and fabric sofa are made from durable materials and also come in a variety of sizes, colours and in contemporary and traditional designs. No matter what your style preference is, we give you the freedom to choose a sofa that stands out and complements the rest of the furniture.

Our sofas are the amalgam of comfort, luxury and elegant design. If you are not looking to have a traditional sofa, then we can provide you with contemporary sofas that will suit your needs, without compromising on comfort and quality.

leather and fabric sofa
leather sofa

Which Fabric Sofa Is Best?

Once you have decided what style of sofa you like, then comes the selection of your favourite material. The vintage sofa appearance is given from the smooth velvet fabric, wool and cotton blends in a variety of colours are for a more contemporary sofa.

If you are after a luxury sofa that is easy to clean then our range in the leather sofa is ideal for you. Leather goes with most of the decor, so no matter your living room is traditional and rustic or modern and minimalist you do not have to worry about anything.



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What Fabric And Leather Sofa Size Is Preferable?

What size of sofa you need, large or small, will depend on the amount of space you have available or the number of people you live with. The 2-seater sofa is 160-190cm wide, and 4-seater sofa is 220-270cm wide. As 4-seater sofa can fit more people, so it is ideal for large space rather than a small space room. So to make the right decision, measure the width of the room, and then choose accordingly. Also, it is recommended to have at least 14 inches of space in front of your sofa for smooth moveability.

If space is the issue, then the best option for you is the sofa bed that is a combination of both sofa and bed. A snuggler sofa is another option, and they are smaller than the regular 2-seater sofas but still can accommodate two people and save a great space.

On the other hand, leather sofas are easy to clean and give a vintage appeal. These leather sofas have a hardwood frame that is firm and long-lasting but is softened by feather-filled cushions and elastic steel-sprung suspension. They are also available in various colours, and when placed in a room, it gives an elegant appearance.

At C & F Direct we provide a diverse range of choice in style and colour of our sofas. Our fabric sofas can be designed in modern and retro styles to make an elegant, aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. Our fabric sofas with soft foam cushions give a warm and welcoming appeal. While the geometric patterns give an elegant statement without being too imposing. When you place our leather and fabric sofa combinations, you will create a look that is both fashionable and timeless, inviting and interesting. Just select your preferred fabric and leave the rest to us.

Browse Our Selection

Although sofas functions as the centrepiece of any living area, you can make a room more elegant and complete with the addition of some matching armchairs. Our variety of chairs offers a fantastic range of fabrics, styles and forms. Types of chairs we offer are:

1. High chairs

2. Lounge chairs

3. Swivel chairs

4. Electric recliner chairs

5. Shoe chairs and much more

So, browse our selection and find the best armchair that complements your new sofa. Alternatively, you can mix patterns between your sofa and chairs to create a totally unique space that displays your creativity.

At C & F Direct you have got the option to pick from a wide variety of colours, designs, and fabrics, and making sure that you are able to achieve maximum comfort and an aesthetic this is right for you. Whether big or small, any warm and alluring home needs a stylish, inviting sofa that serves as the social hub for family and guests. Also, providing a restful area to retreat to when you just want to unwind and relax. This extraordinary range of leather and fabric sofa for sale is new trendy furniture. So take some time browsing our collection of furniture and find out the seating choice that is most suitable for you, your style and your house.

If you need your sofa delivered to your home, then contact us today. We also offer free delivery to our valuable customers within a 10-mile radius of Leeds. So, you can rely on us to deliver chairs, sofas and three-piece suits.

What are you waiting for? Visit our shop now and select the sofa of your choice at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.