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The bedroom is a without a doubt a private area that you consider as your safe haven in your home. Although the bed is the most important piece as the good quality bed will improve your sleep, at the same time other bedroom furniture like dressers, cabinets and chests of drawers also make up the room. High-quality wood and expert craftsmen at C & F Direct you will get elegant and quality wooden bedroom furniture. We are devoted not only to help the environment but also meet the high demand for top quality wooden furniture for the bedroom.

Each piece of furniture that you find at C & F Direct is crafted and finished by hand, so it will give a unique feel and look for your home. No other piece is precisely the same. So you realise that it is something truly special for your home and this is essential in a personal place like the bedroom.

wooden bedroom furniture
wooden bedroom furniture sale

Likewise, simple wooden bedroom furniture is very durable, making it incredible for handling a lifetime of wear and tear. We provide a wide range of furniture so no matter what you need, we can help.

Bedroom Furniture

Although your bed frame and mattress will always be the main point of your bedroom. However, other furniture items also move a long way to add style and elegance in your room. Furniture items like wardrobes, bedside cabinets and bedroom chairs all go along to add comfort, storage and character to your room. Restyle your bedroom with our extensive range of ready assembled cheap wooden bedroom furniture, stylishly crafted and build to last. Browse our whole range of furniture today to discover the right piece for your bedroom.



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Stylish sweet dreams

Your bedroom is a kind of personal space that the way it is design and style ought to reflect your own persona and tastes. Thus leaving you feeling comfortable and secure as you go to sleep each night. At C & F Direct, we have got a wide variety of patterns, from conventional designs including vintage bedroom furniture collections to modern and contemporary bedroom furniture units. To brighten up smaller spaces, use white or cream bedroom furniture ranges.

Natural slumbers

Why not enhance the appeal of your bedroom with our rustic wooden ranges. Our oak and pine collections are especially popular. So compliment your current colour scheme with our variety of painted bedroom furniture or pick from an array of colours, from opulent gold or silver to black bedroom furniture.

At C & F Direct, we know that if you sleep well, then you will be active in the morning. So our furniture collections are designed keeping the comfort in mind. And are also available in neutral tones to create a serene sanctuary. In case you are looking for your child bedroom furniture you can add a touch of colour and personality to your child room. We have a variety of collection available in different colourful themes like cars, spaceships and much more.

Redecorate your bedroom with our extensive range of assembled bedroom furniture, stylishly crafted and durable to last for years. Browse our entire variety of furniture today to find the ideal piece for your bedroom.


Some of the furniture is built to look in a certain way, and mass manufacturing guarantees no unit appears distinctive from the rest. However, one piece of wooden furniture can appear specific every time it is stripped and refinished. Moreover, many wooden pieces are crafted handmade, and considering no two trees come with the same tones and markings, so no two pieces of furniture will appear the same.


It seems ironic but its a fact that furniture works the same way as fashion. For instance, a funky bracelet or a fedora looks good for a few years and then silly for the rest of its existence. Similarly, a black dress or a simple dark colour suit lasts for eternity. So the wood furniture serves the same purpose as it adjusts in any setting, no matter the theme.

Everyday Maintenance

Even in case, you don’t want to fix solid wooden furniture; time will take its toll. Like different household items, furniture can look worn after years of everyday use. Additionally, because wood is a natural element, it’s at a greater risk of other natural elements than pieces crafted from chemicals. Over the years, your traditional furniture can start to seem like an old hand-me-down. Fortunately, there are things you can do to extend the life of your furniture.

What to Do

Proper regular maintenance can slow the deterioration process of wooden furniture or even prevent it altogether. Right here are a number of the best methods to preserve the beauty of your pieces:

Clean and polish regularly

Keep used surfaces covered to avoid stains

Monitor the climate-control humidity

Prevent infestations

So buy wooden bedroom furniture for sale from us and get value on your money!